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School governors have important responsibilities in the successful management and administration of a modern school. They are a crucial part of the school management team and are viewed as an important figurehead by the local community.  They liaise with the local education authority and with parents, elected officials and other stakeholders.

In England and Wales school governors have responsibility for upholding the educational standards within their particular school. Governors monitor the progress of quality standards such as admissions, equal opportunities and exam results.  They are elected and can be from parents or staff.  There is normally a chair of the governing body within the chair who takes overall charge of the quality standards.

School Governor body is responsible for upholding national standards and for promoting the issues affecting governors on a national level. 

Parents may decide to become school governors as they will already know a lot about how the school is run and managed.  They will also know about the teaching and learning methods and whether or not there are any bullying issues in the playground.  Their own children will be a valuable source of information in this regard.

School governors are generally very well versed in Education, Training and Community Projects. They want to know your areas of interests which are not currently offered within your particular school. They aim to deliver greater learning provider collaboration on the range of provision, it’s delivery and it’s standards so that learning becomes more coherent, relevant and accessible to local people and employers.

School governors aim to enable learning providers to work collectively, with users, to identify local learner, community and employer needs and to respond to them by acting and influencing local councils. They try to ensure that effective mechanisms are in place to provide feedback on the quality and accessibility of learning to young people.


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Decision due on closure of school praised by Ofsted

CAMPAIGNERS fighting to save a Doncaster primary school from closure fear they now need a miracle to keep it open.

Governors from Sycamore Primary School in Cantley will make the case to keep the school open when it goes before Doncaster Council's cabinet for a decision on Wednesday. Decision due on closure of school praised by Ofsted - News - The Star

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